From Colleen Murray - Editor, Sweet Briar College Magazine

9 Aug 2010

I edit the Sweet Briar College Magazine and recently wrote an article featuring one of our alumnae who had worked for the National Security Council under the Bush administration. At the time of our interview, she was spending a year in Tokyo, Japan, researching international security policy.

For such an important article, I needed professional, artistic photos of the alumna that told our readers of her personality and also captured a sense of place. After searching the internet for photographers in Tokyo, I was fortunate enough to come across Jason Weddington.

Jason was easy to work with and seemed to understand the article's needs. We corresponded by email and Skype and were able to work out the details of the project with ease. He took photos of our alumna at the National Diet Building and other locations in the city. We received our photos from Jason promptly after the shoot and were very pleased with the outcome.

Jason is a skilled, professional photographer whom I would recommend to anyone with similar editorial needs.

Colleen Murray
Editor, Sweet Briar College Magazine
From Jason Ng - Client

29 November 2010

I chanced upon Jason via his blog and Flickr gallery. My fiancee and I were looking for an English-speaking photographer based in Tokyo/Kyoto for our casual pre-wedding shot. Jason fit the bill just nice. Right from the start, he showed much enthusiasm for the assignment. Jason did much research to locate the photogenic sites around Kyoto and even mapped out the transport routes to get from one location to another.

The shots were taken in Tokyo Disneyland and well-known sites around Kyoto like Fushimi-Inari-Taisha, Sagano Bamboo Forest, Golden Pavilion and Ishibei-Koji. In Disneyland, Jason did a splendid job executing the journalistic style of photography. My fiancee and I were nervous at first as we were conscious of Jason's presence but after he showed us the shots he had taken, we felt more at ease as the shots captured the timeless moments vividly. My fiancee and I had one special request, that was to capture a shot of us under the Disney fireworks; I proposed to her under the same scene a year ago. Jason went on to produce a perfect shot through improvisation as the restriction on monopods and tripods in the park made taking such shots close to impossible.

In Kyoto, we did shots with pre-determined poses. Jason was very open with trying out ideas which my fiancee and I suggested. He also threw in his own creative ideas with his keen eye for the photogenic. Without Jason's intimate knowledge of the Japanese language, we might not have completed the shoot on time as we had several places to cover. The timing was perfect such that Jason managed to capture shots during the golden hour at Ishibei-Koji, the single most attractive lane in Kyoto (as claimed by Lonely Planet).

All in all, Jason created a most remarkable experience for my fiancee and I in Japan. The special moments captured in the pictures, some specially chosen by us and edited by Jason, are a testimony to that. Thank you very much, Jason.

From Chie Duncan - Clothing Designer, Vivat Veritas

7 February 2011

Jason can only be described as the consummate professional. We are a new clothing boutique and were looking for a photographer able to shoot fashion. Upon reviewing his work we knew we had found the right man for the job. As we would come to find, not only is his product superior but his demeanor, preparation, turn around time were superior. He scouted location and dealt well with last minute location changes. His demeanor put our models at ease and his interpersonal skills help elicit from the models exactly what we needed. On top of all this, we had a product in our hands within 3 hours after the shoot!!!!! I cannot recommend Jason Weddington highly enough. We plan on using him again in the future for further shoots.

Vivat Veritas

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